Intimate professional communities for tech's next leaders

We gather tech's most accomplished current leaders to groom tech's next leaders, focusing on strategic thinking, domain expertise, and values.

PTC's EVP for Augmented Reality Products, Mike Campbell, offers feedback to section on AR prototyping.

Meet and work with a carefully-selected group of peers with similar aspirations.

Learn from the best mentors in your field, who’ll show you how to think through complex problems.

Join a gyld and apply to a section within that gyld – sections have 10-15 people and are each focused on a dimension of expertise or leadership.

Join a gyld to gain the rare knowledge that you can't find in the books...

We believe the most valuable wisdom is passed on only through conversation.

...and to be noticed by those at the top of your field. be part of a trusting, committed community that will stay with you throughout your career....

How it Works

We're organizing a gyld for product managers, designers, and engineers aspiring to product leadership positions.

Calling Boston's Rising Stars in Product...

Our mission: in a fast-changing world of work, helping people find a path to the top of their field.  

Many pay $75,000+ to build a professional network through an elite graduate program.  gyld offers a network of comparable caliber at less than 1% of the price. 

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